The many thoughts of Ann
2001-07-30 04:45:28 (UTC)

its all good

i had a pretty good day today. i didn;t think about jeff
much which was good. of course after writin this i am sure
i will be thinkin of him again aw well. wut ca ya do.
anyways me and my friend jen went down to port credit today
and say some guys that we had see around but they were with
girls so we said forget it and we sat by the side of the
road and i came up with this ingenius idea to put a penny
on the road and count how many cars went over it. we even
moved it around so the cars would hit it lol. and these
guys in a confertable saw us and were like hey babies and
shit like that so we waved and that was about it then some
weird ugly guys say us and waved and looked like they were
gonna pull over but i just shook my head and was like no
way buddy and they drove off. it was kinda freaky. aw well.
i talked to austin again today. he is such a cool kid! i
miss him tonz, and i am still waitin to get my email back
from rob since he has no chat thingys i have to email him
instead which is cool cuz i love gettin emails. anyway i am
sure i am boring u with this crap if only i had somethin
interesting to tell u. well man i miss jeff he was such a
great guy. so perfect and i know that if anyone is reading
this and continues to read it till i like another guy i
will not mention jeff anymore and think the other guy is so
perfect so just watch for that lol. i am so bad that way
but i actually think jeff was the ONE this time. i mean he
was so great, better than any other guy i have every known
except maybe this guy peter who i used to be best friends
with but thats another story. anyway
i'll write again