Fazzy's Memoires....
2002-10-02 11:45:50 (UTC)

Very interesting night.. =)

Not much went on in the pass few days... Tonight was my
day off from work.

Around 8pm.. i get a call from my youngest sisters best
friend. I grew up close to Josee's (( sister best friend ))
family caused they lived only a few dooor away and had a
girl about my age also. The other day my little sister and
Josee came for a visit. I made Fajita's for supper that
evening.. That was about 1 month after i moved in to this
place... Well in my city, it's kinda nicely located...
almost in the middle of the city... Well my little sister
and Josee are still living in Chelmsford (( Where i grew
up )) which is about 20 minutes from here...

So i told my little sister and her friend that if they
had an early class the next morning that they can always
crash at my place... It saves 20 minutes... I offered this
cause since i work mostly at night i am almost never here
from 10pm to like 8am..

Well she called me last night and asked if she could
crash here for the night... I told her that it was my day
off but that i didnt mind her crashing here. I was supppose
to go out last night... sooo i asked Josee if she wanted to
join me and another friend for a drink.. (( theres a bar
right next dooor to my place )). She said sure... sooo we
went to that bar... *** mostly old people are there... lol
***.. So we talked and stuff for about 2 hours... then my
friend had to go pick up his wife.. So me and Joseee went
to rent a movie and picked up a pizza..

Theres always beeen something about Josee that
interested me.. she is cute.. she has nice hair, very nice
face... long legs... and a very sexy behind... =)

So we rented A Beautiful Mind.... very nice movie...
It was about 12 am... so i told her that she could have my
bed... that i would sleep on the couch... Well she tried
to turn things around because she felt like she should be
using the couch... but i won... She asked me if she could
take a bath cause she always takes one before going to
bed.... I told her to do as she pleases... and to have
anything she wanted to eaat or drink...

She went in the bahrooom and ran the water... I stole a
pillow from my bed and a few blankets from my closet... and
i close the light to the living rooom and layed down.. I
was almost asleep immedietly cause i hadnt went to bed yet
that day... worked all night the day before and rest i
could of used.. =)

Guess about 30 minutes later... i felt something on my
back.. a nice sensation... Sooo i came out of my sleep, and
Josee was on top of me massaging my back... Ohh it felt
sooo nice... i just closed my eyes and let her give me a
backrub... After a bit i turned around to look at her..
but... OMG !!!! she wasnt wearing nothing... i was sooo
shocked.. lol As i turned around, she lowered herself on
me.. and kissed me... of course i returned her the kiss..
it was sooo amazing...

Well 1 thing led to another thing, and we finnally
passed out exausthed on my bed at about 4 am... It was
fantastik... I wanted to be with her for ALONG time... and
weirdly enough.. it happened...

Now the thing that i am confused is...

1. She is my little sister's best friend...

2. Not sure if it was only for 1 night thing or if she is
interested in me...

3. I'm not sure that if she do wants to be with me.. that
i will also... as she is my sister's friend... i dont
want to ruin their relationship..

4. How it happened... lol

Well... she is gone to college and i neeed to do laundry
and then rest up before working tonihgt...

Marco.. =)