The Shadow of Myself
2001-07-30 04:34:15 (UTC)

perfect moments..

Some of the best things in life are those moments.. when
for some reason.. you see something different that you ever
have. Your appreciation for that moment.. whatever it was
is so awesome. One of the sweetest things is to watch
someone being themselves. When they let their guard down..
and you get to see them shine through. It doesn't happen a
lot b/c people worry too much about what others think. I
can't say that I never do that.. b/c I do.. I think that
everyone does. Thats why it's so precious when you can see
someone being themselves. It almost inspires you to do the
same.. but you just have to do it on your own.

I think that every person is a lot different than how they
appear. I think that they act different in front of people
than they do with themselves. Of course a lot of people
probably know that. But I also think that sometimes people
don't even know they do it.. they have done it for so long
and put so much energy into being someone different for
other people that they don't know themselves at all. They
just know what they've created. Somewhere deep down.. they
are aware that maybe there is more to them than they
think.. but they don't know how to bring it out. I don't
think they'll ever learn.. it'll just happen.. maybe
gradually.. or maybe all at once. They'll never be able to
pin-point what it was.. or how they did it.. they'll just
know. Some people may never actually know.. they may spend
their whole lives trying so hard to keep up the wall that
they've created and lose sight of themselves altogether.

My goal.. I guess it's not my only one.. as I have many..
but one of my goals is to be someones... anyones.. crutch
into finding that part of themselves that they know in the
slightest way is there.. I want to be the one to help them
get there and be true to themselves. Perhaps in helping
someone else I can help myself do the same. If someone
opens up to me.. then if they're willing to listen I'll do
the same. I want to find someone.. and help them.. so I
can be special to them forever. So I can know that I made
a difference in their life.. and they did the same for me.