Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
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2001-07-30 04:32:10 (UTC)

Izm Skizm

Current music: Only in Dreams by Weezer
Current mood: Tired but kinda giddy...

Ok everyone, izm skizm is just this little saying I
have, it doesn't really mean anything, it's just sorta
saying it's all good. I mostly use it at home b/c most ppl
think it's retarted, and it is, I heard it from Jimmy
Fallon from SNL. Ohhh man, I want him, but that's another
entry ENTIRELY. :)
Well you know who called about 3 and was just like hey
hey.. what are you doing today...and I was all nothing. So
we went to his dad's and watched Castaway b/c neither of us
had any $money$!! How ghetto huh..we're just cool like
that. Anyways Castaway is probably the most boring movie I
have ever seen, not as bad as Titanic or the Runaway Bride
but still pretty damn mundane. I told him about my hatred
for romanticism in general which was kinda dumb, it didn't
score any points with him, but he's just like jeez you're
sooo cynical. And I was like yes I know and you love it
dontcha. :) So we had fun I guess. Noemi called in the
middle of it, and I was just cracking up. It was a mixture
of very odd and very funny to me, b/c he likes her but he
was with ME. ME!! well HA. (Do you like apples...well
how about ) I was kinda being a dork but I'm just so
comfortable with him so it seriously does not matter
anymore at all, I was just laying there like yeah, I'm
Don't think anything happened, I'm still the one good
girl. Swear. Trust me, after all I am the good one.
So I want to know what happened w/Noemi and her boy,
and McCall and her boy. Ahhh! why does it have to be
11:30?!?! I wanna know everyone's gossip. :) I'm quite
happy, I got to watch Jackass tonight. Finally.
YESSSSSSSS!! It seems that "he" is always taking up my
time on Sunday, especially when that show is on. Last
week, the week before, and we were together tonight too.
*sigh* well nice try it didn't work this time, now did
it?! Hahahahaha. Crap I really need to get to sleep, I'm
too delirous for the safety of me and those around me.
Adios, readers :) ~mandy