driven by a strange desire
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2002-10-02 08:57:49 (UTC)


What's Your Power
Song? (Female Vocalists) brought to you by Quizilla
HAHAHA! i love that song.
so i should be getting my application for school in soon.
since i'm a former student i don't have to pay that damned
application fee again thank god. and i am so excited!
finally some learning in a controlled environment again. i
do best under pressure, we all know this.
they cut down my tree and left fucking little tree flesh
shavings all over the yard. YOU FUCKERS! i hope the good
Mother rains hell down on you.
so today is actually my day off. which probably means i
will burn every single blank cd i bought. all 10 of them.
and then fret about how i'm not working and not making any
money. and then download more music to store until i get
more cds. and then sort through boxes and start packing
liv's stuff. then think of more things and fret about money
again and ponder going to work...and then decide not, i
need a break. and then stare blankly into space a while.
then look at more stuff and walk around and take pictures
of my niece and nephew and everyone with the digicam.
because i looooooove pictures. i wonder if i can get kyrsin
in her wings.
meanwhile i'm wasting time reading things on the net and
taking random quizzes for the hell of it.
i have a little person in my head. and i was going to talk
about my random lunatic conversations i have out loud with
myself while driving around. but i've decided they're more
fun when they're secrets between myself and me and i.

music: concrete blonde - roxy
cloth: steak out uniform still, lazy
sustenance: cherry coke
read: net stuff
work: NONE AHA