Meanderings of A Genius Mind
2001-07-30 04:07:54 (UTC)

July 29,2001

i just realized that the clock thing on here is in a
different time zone than i am day was nice, i went to
church and that was fun, the minister was talking to young
people (teens) in Sunday school and this girl that was
sitting behind me was writing a note to someone, and the
minister said to her "are you taking notes from the lesson"
and of coarse the girl said no, and then the minister said,
then please put that away and pay attention. this was right
after the minister said that if she ever saw anyone doing
anything, wrong, then she would tell us right then and
there, and even thought we might hate her for that, she
would still love us. after church, we went out to eat and
that is always good, and while we were eating, my dad
started talking about the import car scene, which is the
first time that he showed some intrest in the cars that i
liked and by that conversation, i realized that the odds of
me getting a car are on the extream yes right now. he called
me a HONDA man because i absolutely love the honda car, with
and emphasis on the honda accord, i took in a mazda protege
booklet that someone picked up from the dealership and was
looking at it, my dad was like you don't like that fag car
do you ? and i was like sure it's a nice car if it is fixed
,and he was like awww, man i thought you were a honda man.
then on the way home i saw this really nice two-door blue
ford escort, that was lowered just a little, and had a
really nice cat-back exhast, and racing rims also, and i was
like , yea dad that is what i want to do to my car, when i
get it, and then he said " nah you ain't going to be doing
all that when you get it because all that stuff cost money"
which lead me to believe that he was implying that i was
going to get a car. then about 5 minutes later he was like "
i think i am going to get you a car like your sisters" and i
told him nooooo, i mean grand-am's are nice and all but i
don't think that i would really like one, that is... if i
have a choice. then my mom reached behind her seat and was
swatting at my leg, and i am taking that as for her to say
"you had better shutup and take what you can get right now"
then we passed by a car dealershhip and my dad was talking
about all these different cars and stuff ,then there was a
silence until we got the top of our street where there was a
black VW bug parked in a driveway, and my dad said, "how
about a volkswagon?"and i said "YEA those are really nice i
like the jetta" then he pointed to the bug and i told him no
and he said " yea that is true i do like the jetta myself"
then when we got to the base of our driveway, he said for
no reason, i need to teach you how to drive stick . i do
need to learn. adam never came by, i don't know why, he
didn't call either, but i think that is because he doesn't
have my number, duh. i am still contemplating buying the
visor pda from him, i know that it is a really good deal,
they usually cost around $250 but he is selling it to me for
$100 even , which makes me wonder just a little. april wrote
me back again today, which is always nice to hear from her,
i was thinking about her earlier today ,i just cheaked my
email and she wrote me back :), anyway, i was thinking about
her and i was thinking about on 10th grade how we never
talked to each other except for when we had to ,and we
didn't even really start talking to one another until about
3 months before school let out and it's really sad because
if i hadn't been so dern shy and talked to her, A) there is
a very good possability that we would be going out, or at
least had gone out, and more importantly B)she wouldn't have
gotten hurt by some jerk that she went out with that hurt
her pretty bad, he didn't hurt her phyisically, i don't
think , but he did hurt her mentally, which is sometimes
worse. it makes me soo mad to find out these things about
the people that i grow "fond" of, it always seems that the
ones that deserve the best guy, or the most money, or the
best anything, end up with the worst adulterer, being poor,
and never getting to have anything nice that they really
wanted, and that really sucks. i mean i am not trying to set
myself up for disaster if this relationship doesn't work out
between us, but i am pretty sure that it does have the
beginnings to. i am pretty sure that she is the one that God
sent to me to keep me on the straight and narrow, i was also
thinking about that today, it is the mose peculier thing,
that at first, when we first started talking, she didn't say
anything about going to church and all that, but then she
started talking more and more about it and that really put a
perspective on where i am in my personal walk. the other day
while riding the bus home from school, i saw the L&F loaves
and fishes soup kitchen building, it was a little building,
in with alot of other things, i have been riding the bus
that way for about a month ,give or take, and never saw it
before, so i think that was and is a sign to go there at
least once and volunteer my time there. i think that it will
be good for my personal out look, i know that sounds kinda
selfish but...i don't think it is the thing with my computer
and the tape thing isn't really working, i just took an hour
break talking to my mom, we were trying to figure out these
logic problems at they are
interesting. i think that it is in my best intrest to put on
my brain music(classical music) and go to sleep.g'night