down in my eyes
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2002-10-02 06:04:52 (UTC)


I watched Sweet Home Alabama, with Bianca taday... It's cute.

We chilled at Starbucks, while we waited for the time
to roll around. I bought her.. her coffee & movie ticket,
since she didn't have any money on her..
I kept crying out of the blue, but I'd try to keep the
lowdown, 'N show her a smile. But she see's right
through me. I guess it takes one to know one.
Bianca later told me, "I know there's tears, behind every smile."

After the movie, we went back to her place, for dinner.
Suddenly in the middle of dinner,.. her mom came home from work.
but she gave me hug 'n acted happy to see me- since we
haven't seen each other in a few months. But I Know,
deep inside, she looks down on me, 'n feels as tho i'm
not good enough. Not good enough to be friends with
her daughters.

Anyway, i finally saw Bianca's room. It's pretty rad.
It's just my second time being in her new house, since
her family moved. She has a hamster now, too.
She keeps a picture of the two of us, on the shelf,
near her bed. Aww. I have no idea why she would wanna
see a picture of me, everyday, tho. How horrifying.

Anyhoo, my mom's sleeping upstairs right now. I feel
really bad for her,.. she's really cold, 'n shivering
under her blankets. I offered her one of my own, but
she refused, sayen she doesn't want ME to be too cold, tonite.
But, I'm sick anyway. Soo... I offered her a blanket i have
downstairs, boxed up in the garage.
Both of us are too lazy right now, to go find it.. so
she said she'd just get it tommorrow. I doon't want her
to be tooo cold tonite, tho. but i can't seem to get up & move.
Damn. I'm such a lazy ass.

I'm Tired. Cold. Must... get.. blanket...for.... zZzZ.

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