as the Oval turns
2001-07-30 03:55:23 (UTC)

Interracial Relationships 101

I love online message get to talk a lot.
Well, today I was writing to a biracial girl that's like
not too much older than me that was dating a white dude.
This dude was like hiding his IR from his parents b/c his
they weren't feeling him being with a girl that wasn't
white. So she's all waiting on this dude, as she
says, "patiently." That's not patience, that's
foolishness. Considering what I've seen and done in the
past, I do know that to be in an IR, especially in the US,
requires strength and conviction. Because more than
likely, you'll get some pressure from people that don't
want you together, like family, friends, and those who
don't even know your behind, and if you can't take other
people's disapproval and b.s., then you have no business in
an IR, plain and simple. This guy, assuming he's not a
total asshole that wants to experiment w/the "darker
persuasion," obviously did not think about the
ramifications of being in this relationship and is pretty
weak-minded. She needs to leave the dude alone. But in
any case, it would be so much better if people didn't go
into these things w/both eyes closed. I'm all for IR, no doubt, but
I'm not going to say "hey everybody go and do it" b/c not everybody
has the balls to stick out a relationship that many people may object
to. That's not racist...that's just the truth of it.

It reminds me of the times I've ripped Pacey apart for worrying about
other hateful people. I mean, he's one of these people that are so
concerned about what other people think...but the funny thing is that
he's basically into black and Asian women. Knowing how he is, I
think that preference might stick, but with that he must figure out
how he'll be able to reconcile that with the fact that he's all too
concerned about what other people think of him. If I remember
correctly, this is one of the things that messed up his relationship
w/his last gf, who happened to be black. I don't think his parents
were too thrilled at their only son bringing home a "colored." It
just translates into so much he does. In school he's majoring in a
subject he hates, and after he graduates from undergrad this year
he'll be going to med school, which he's not sure that he even wants
to do, to be something in 7 years or so that he doesn't really want
to be. All because he doesn't think he can do what he really wants
to do (vet med, aviation, or politics), he wants to please other
people and make some, I think it's cool to want to make
some cashino but if you hate your job, the money won't matter all
that much. On top of that, it's his life, and he'll have to live
with the decisions he makes.

It'll really suck if Pacey gets up to the Pearly Gates standing in
front of St. Pete and he's talking about how much he regretted half
of his miserable life. Married to some bleach-blonde white woman,
cutting into somebody's head for 6 figures a year, working in
enclosed spaces for 100 hours a week...he'll be totally miserable,
and it'll be all his fault. I know that he likes to get out, do
stuff, I know that he doesn't want to do something to where he's
stuck confined by 4 walls. I don't want to see that for Pacey, and
despite how despicable I think he is for a lot of things, I do care
about him. However, like I said before, it'll be all his fault. You
can't allow people to rule your life, b/c in the end the one that's
going to suffer the most is you.