Diary of an American Witch
2002-10-02 04:35:27 (UTC)

The meaning of a "Nancy"

Ever seen the movie "The Craft"?
It's about these four little girls (well, teens, but they
behave like spoiled children) who use spellcraft to get
revenge on people who have wronged them, and one casts a
love spell on a guy that she likes. The whole thing is
total bullshit, but anyway, one of them gets this ultimate
power (whatever, she said discustedly) and uses this power
to basically do whatever she wants. In the process, she
ends up hurting many people, betraying her sisters, and
going insane. The character's name is Nancy.

In Wiccia, you will find many people, mostly kids who don't
know any better, who are drunk on their own "power". All
these people think about, and talk about, is how they
have/will/could hurt other people with their magic. That
is a Nancy. They make a candle flame rise a foot higher
than normal, and think they have the ability, (and the
right) to do whatever they wish. Let me tell you, comming
from someone who has studied for six years, and is a true
believer in the actual Wiccian FAITH, playing with fire is
about as impressive, and takes just as little skill as a
cheap card trick.

Like I said, most Nancys are kids, teens to be more
specific. But not all, and not all teens are Nancys. I
have met a few, and was one actually, of those teens who
actually praticed the FAITH, and was not just in it for
the "power", but most of the ones I run into (and, I run
into a lot, they seem to look for me) are teens, who got
into wiccia for the wrong reasons. Out of frustration,
anger, and hurt, they begin to pratice because they want
that power, that controll, a way to punish the people who
have hurt them. And they fall into this dark, depressed,
cycle. Bad things start happening to them, and they use
magic to punish whoever did the bad thing, but worse things
start happening, so they keep working negative spells, but
things keep getting worse. What they don't realize is that
they are just harming themselves. By taking revenge, they
envoke Karma, and so the "curse" they cast gets given back
to them, only three times worse that they sent it out, and
the more negativity they send out, the more comes back to
them, until their life is a living hell, and they are so
full of hate, anger, and bitterness, that no one wants to
be around them, and they are left alone, totally alone,
with no friends to help them in their time of sorrow.

I feel sorry for Nancys. They have no idea what kind of
harm they are doing to themselves, they don't understand
the balance of things, because they don't follow the faith,
they just want the power.

How to Spot a Nancy.

They will try to scare you, or impress you with what they
can do. They will tell you stories of something they did
to another person, or thing, most of the time it will be
about how someone messed with them, so they cast a spell to
get back at that person. They will know all about spell
casting, but they won't know basic things associated with
the actual faith. Ask them the three forms of the Lady.
Ask them who the Lady is. Ask them the three forms of the
Lord. Ask them about the holidays, and what they are there
for. About Beltane (May day, fertility holiday) or Samhain
(pronounced sow-when. haloween) Or Yule (christmas, sort
of, celebrates the rebirth of the Lord). Ask them about
the three fold rule, or the Wiccian Reed. (the harm none
thing I have talked about before). Go ahead, ask them,
watch them stumble and studder, and get pissed off.
Then there are the pseudo-Nancys. Those dumbasses who
watch a couple episodes of Byffy the Vampire Slayer, read
The Mists of Avalon, and decide they know enough to go
around telling people they are wiccian, and making up
stuff, and making the rest of us actual honest to Goddess
Wiccians look bad.

As you can tell, Im a bit pissed. I have been talking to
this girl over the net for some time now, who claimed to be
wiccian, but was a total Nancy. Over and over again, she
kept asking me for spells, the wrong kind of spells, and
over and over again, I warned her of the danger of doing
those kinds of spells, and tried to get her to work through
her feelings without using magic at all. I told her to
pray to the Goddess for strength, and compassion, but she
wouldn't listen. She came on a few days ago, and bitched
me out because her life was miserable, and she felt it was
my fault because I wouldn't give her what she needed to
make her ex boyfriend come back to her. I told her, as
calmly as I could, that to do a love spell is to take away
someone's free will, and that is the number one "sin" in
the wiccian religion. Love spells always end in one way.
Hate. The person you did the spell on will hate you, and
you will hate yourself because they hate you. She said she
didn't care. She didn't care if it was wrong, she wanted
it to happen, and she thought she was powerful enough to
make it happen. And while she was at it, she managed to put
in a nice little threat, and I quote "oh, and Kinarra,
you'll get yours."

I hope I do get mine. Withholding magical information from
that little girl (18 but she acted like she was five) is
the best thing I ever could have done. I wasn't about to
aid someone in destructive magic, and the decision not to
help her gains me good karma in the end.

But I needed to rant, because what she said upset me. Not
because I think she can do anything to me, but because I
hate to think there are people that ignorant in the world,
people that think they can harm someone, and get away with
it. People that are so full of themselves that they think
they can somehow sidestep the natural laws of the earth.
It also saddens, and frustrates me. I wish I could get
through to these people, make them usnderstand what they
are doing to themselves.
But, as my High Priestess says, "we can't save the world."

And also, I owed an axplination for the term Nancy.

Well, that's it for me, untill next time

Happy thinking