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2001-07-30 03:33:58 (UTC)

July 29, 2001

Hey all, well I know I haven't written in a while so I
guess I have a lot to update you on. Well, with the whole
Gabe thing...I don't think it's gonna happen for a lot of
reasons and I don't even want to get into them. But
anyway, at least we can still be friends...I am happy for
that. In better news, yesterday I turned 15...and it
doesn't feel special, lol. I guess I won't feel special on
my birthday ever again lol. Maybe when I'm 16...I dunno
maybe. Oh well, I got lots of money anyway so I can go and
restock my cd collection-and that desperately needs
restocking. But in the last week I have bought 3 cd's so I
guess I'm doin alright. At bball camp last weekend at Va
Tech I bought Alicia keyes and the new mariah carey single was on sale for 49 cents and i was like hell
yeah as usual takin advantage of the sales!!! And today I
bought the new Jagged Edge cd which I am currently
listening to right now. Well, at basketball camp I had a
lot of fun. it was a weekend camp. It was me, leita,
sheila, krystal, erin, laura, franny, and megan. I roomed
with leita and she was fun to chill wit. Saturday night she
cornrowed my hair and that was really hott! I wish I could
have my hair like that all the time it was great. But me
and her are definitely a lot better friends now so it's all
good. Anyway after bball camp I came back and on Wednesday
night I met some guys at the carnival and they were from
Pennsylvania. There names are Matt and Jesse and they were
really cool. They were only 14 though so they are just
friends-even though I think they wanted it to be a little
more than that. But the next few days after that i chilled
with them a lot so it was fun to have some guys to hang
around with. and I know sheri would think they were cool
cuz they are in love with pop music and n sync!! I don't
really like n sync, but they were in love with them, it was
hilarious. I was chillin in their camper wit them and they
were singin bye bye bye to me it was hilarious. Then matt
got caught pissing on the side of the camper and it was
really funny. Oh well, then they left yesterday morning on
my birthday lol. That figures right! But we exchanged
emails and stuff so I will keep in touch with them until
they come back next summer. Then I was playin bingo wit
them thursday night and they were hangin with some guys
from tennessee-mark and jeremy-who later i found out are my
cousins. it's a shame too cuz they were really hott and
really fun to hang out wit. I played tennis with them on
friday, it was pretty fun...and mark is actually a really
good tennis player. They also left yesterday morning.
thursday night matt and jess came to my grandma's house and
chilled wit me there and that was alright. But last night
at the carnival there was like nobody there for me to chill
wit and I was all alone on my birthday and that really
sucked but it was all good. I saw this realy hott guy I
know from nandua and he was beating around the bush like he
wanted to talk to me but he never really did. Well, he
almost did but then he had to leave. Don't worry though I
will get at him soon!!! haha, oh well anyway this dude I
know that lives a few houses down from my dad-he jes turned
14 on my birthday aint that hott shit!-we are exactly one
year apart but we are cool though..he doesn't act his age.
but he was like my friend wants to meet you and I was like
well who is your friend and he said mike and i was like are
you playin and he was like nope. You people just don't
know who mike is...he's 16, driver's license, sexy as hell,
he'll be a junior in the fall, and he has the best tan in
the world. i have been tryin to meet him for the past oh,
5 years lol. you just don't know. but i may be able to
meet him tomorrow, i told lee i would get at him and see
what was up...oh well i'll update you later. peace easy.

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