Random Insanity

Stumbling On Reality
2001-07-30 03:29:11 (UTC)

Stomach Pains

hello mates!

the relatives, and fmaily of four, have changed their minds
and are coming all the way from california to our humble
abode here in good ole' Chattnooga TOMORROW! They are not
going to wait at least 2 weeks like they were because the
father of the family has gotten laid off by the company that
he works for and so he has to come now or else he would never
have time to do it any other time because the same company
that fired him is going to take him back. There is a profit
somewhere inside this tangle of actions and it is for the
company because they either want to change his job
description to include more jobs and pay him the same amount
of money, even though he is doing more work then before or
they want to do something even more fucked up.
My older sister keeps on telling me that i look like the
female child that is coming here though she and i look
nothing alike. oh and since the other 2 sisters are up at
camp we have a simple family of four. it's really nice, the 2
yoounger ones are so anoying and erin is a whole lot nicer to
me and takes me places and she also is just a lot more fun to
hang around with.
my mom and dad went to see legally blond last night. they
came home telling us that we could not see it becuase it had
way too many sexual referances. NOw, we are not exactly what
you would call naive, we are well aware of the things that
they are talking about and they ain't nothing new. god my
parents can be so over protective at times. gues we'll have
to pull the old trick of, "yeah we are going to go see some g
rated movie." and then go see legally blond.
i have this huge "pile" of zits growing on my chin. they just
keep on growing on top of each other. i have named it fred.
it's really disgusting. i mean really really really
my dog went nuts when i was up in wisconsin. the week before
we had left i had gone out and petted another dog down the
street. well, when my mom opened the door for someone she
shot out and ran down the street and attacked the dog.
needless to say my dog literally got her ass kicked, really
bad. she has all these bit marks on her butt and she walks
extremely funnily now. she waddles.
oh and another thing, when i came back home and wieghed
myself... i had gained like 5 pounds. that may not seem like
a lot but it is to me. it means that they feed me 5 pounds of
summer sausage and cheese and crackers. ugh!
and erin is thinking about not doing crew next year. we are
talking about the 2nd best rower on the school team. she says
that she hates it now because it is the same view on the
river each and every single day, day after day, week after
week, moth after month and year after year. it's really bad
becuase my dad is trying to force her to do crew just so that
she can get a scholarship for crew for college. but she
doesn't want to get into the position so that she has to
absolutely do crew just to get her college paid for. this is
the reason for many many arguments at our house at the
if you are going to the grocery store any time soon you
should try a pint of the Dreamery strawberry fields. oh it is
so good!!
school starts in 25 days and i have to read 1 and 1/2 books.
big huge books that i probably won't finish. but it really
doesn't matter since they are for extra credit in 2 courses.
i'm so excited that i finally get to learn how to run the
tech booth at school. i have to use the toilet so i will be
back... eventually. okay back and still feeling like shit.
at a rest area on the way home erin kicked me in the ass and
i thought that she had successfully stuck her foot up it
becuase it hurt like crap and i couldn't poop for a day or
two. you know i think that one night i will creep down to the
basement and stick a broomstick up her ass so that she will
know what it feels like. my zits really hurt.my birthday is
coming soon. well not really but hey it's all good.
methinks that i want to live in europe when i grow up. i know
that the taxes are higher but most health care things are
free because of those taxes and the gas prices don't matter
becuase there is the metro. i just hope that it doesn't
become more "americanized". america sucks.
so does gravity, zits, and back fat.

here's the alma mater of GPS:

Here's to the girls of the GPS
Here's to the lessons too!
Here's to the ring that we wear for her, (actually they are
quite ugly, they have a floral/vine design and i don't think
that i will get one),
Here's to the black and blue.
Here's to the hope that we still may be proven through every
Here's to the school that we most detest (actually it is
revere, but you understand...)
Here's to the GPS

there that's what we have to sing at every assembly. sick
isn't it?

11:26 pm - what to do. what to do? i have nothing better to
do except to sit here and babble on and on and on about
nothing in particular. i think i'm going to puke. i had way
to much to eat for dinner. i really want a coke. maybe i
should get off my fat ass and go and get one though i don't
need it. blah blah blah. okay now i'm really bored. methinks
that i will go and seek some form of human contact.