Electric monkey
2001-07-30 03:22:29 (UTC)

Lake fun with some bug bites

Got back from the Lake of the Woods tonight. Had fun, but
now im seeing stupid bug bites pop up everywhere. so now im
trying not to itch, its hard. Jessica and i swam in the
lake, and that was fun. But at the same time, little did i
know, my favorite ring had fallen off.. =( so now im
without my ring, and the lake has a new one. but thats ok,
i still had lots of fun. ive gotta go buy a new ring now
though, which sucks.
So now, ive got to un-pack and do all that stuff. it was
nice to take a shower. although i did wash in the lake on
saturday. yup.
Us girls beat the guys at the water war. the guys shed
blood first, heh heh.. or more like her cut his foot on a
rock in the lake, but thats ok. we still won.
I went golfing for the first time on Thursday. it was
really fun. turns out im ok at it. 65 was my score, which i
guess is pretty good, being it my first time ever golfing
in the first place. i think i might have to go golfing
again or something, i actualy enjoyed it believe it or not.
yay. i like hitting the ball and making it go up in the air
and far, thats always fun.
so i guess im going to go un-pack what i can. ill try to
write more often, maybe. see ya.