2001-07-30 03:14:28 (UTC)

7/29/01 First Entry

I don't really know what I trying to prove by writing
this, other than the fact that I can't spell very well.
I've never attempted to keep a diary before, so this shall
be interesting at the very least.
Let me start of by introducing myself, to apparently
whomever is reading this. My name is Alessa Jade Dupreen, I
am 21 years old and I live (unfortunatly) in NJ. Not even
the city part of Jersey.... I live in bumble fuck, the "Oh
My God.... There are more cows than people in my county"
type of nowhere that sucks you in.
I live on what used to be a farm, not that I care for
a house in suberbia, but I would mind something of a night
life. Everything in my town is closed by 6pm execpt a
pizzaria that closes a t 10pm and the bar that closes at 1.
Like I said Nowheresville squared.
Today wasn't that bad though, just went to work...
chilled with my friend Les and hung out with the boys for a
bit. I gotta go to sleep soon. My last day at work starts
tomorrow at 7am. I can't wait to start partying, I figure
I'll take a nap when I get home around 2pm, then go out
around 10pm later on.
I'll check this out again tomorrow.