LMAO! my life
2002-10-02 02:46:40 (UTC)


so, i heard that my best friend has juss become an
alcoholic. wutta 'tard.. hmmm i juss finsiched mah
homework, and am about to go to sleep, it 9.38. and i
think im gonna faint, i hafta wake up at like 6.30 tomm.
get ready and off for another day at school. fuckin
damnit,what the hell is wrong wit me.. lmao, u know what
happen to me in eng. class, the teacher arranged the desk
so that there are tables so ppl can sit in groups, and i
sat by mahself cuz i dunno ne one in mah class. i dun give
a fuck. all of them are tards ne way, im gettin the 2nd
highest grade even though i dun even try in dat class,
they can all go to hell. motha fuckers. but then the
teacher aarranged us. i have to sit wit some retard that
thinks he is cool, but he drools.. LMAO!!! and some girl
who smells like fish.. LMAO!!!.. and mah gym class were
learnin to wrestle, WRESTLING IS A GAY SPORT WHERE Guys
smother their bodies all over the other guy and touch the
other guy.. WTF. i dont wanna fuckin wrestle. lmao,, mah
hist. teacher is funny; he is growin a beard so he can
scare ppl for halloween, and he is so COOL and funny, but
his tests are soo fuckin hard.. i think im gonna die. wut
else.. oh tommorow i get to skip alotta classes WOO HOO!!!
i dun wanna take pics tho.. EXcept it is good for college
app. im a freshman tho. why am i so concerned about
college.. LMAO!!! tommorow, im goin to do the leaf proj..
and i dunno, i guess that'll be it, and THANK GOD tom.
wednesday i can go
home and chillax.. well das all for now.. bye.

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