Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2002-10-02 02:44:41 (UTC)

Poem - "I Need"

I need to find my keys and get out of this place,
I need to wipe the cynical grin off my face,
I need to ignore what I don’t care to see
Instead of letting the sadness amuse me,
If my sense of humanity is dull and decrepit
I need to feel pain and not just out-step it.
I need to admit that I’m nobody’s clown
And stop selling tickets when my train comes to town,
I can’t win ‘em all with a turn of the wrist
And I’m sure when I leave I’m the last to be missed.
I need to tie up a hundred loose ends,
I need to make peace with a few old friends,
Friends that remember when I wasn’t on top,
Friends that dragged me when I begged them to stop.
I need to stop wondering and waiting around
When I know it’s my future I’ve finally found,
I know that forever is right here in my lap
So why am I waiting to be handed a map?
I need to tell her the thoughts on my mind
And stop choking up on the words I can’t find,
I need to put down my pen and pretend I can sing,
I need to give her a kiss and a wedding ring.
I need to stop dwelling on the chances I’ve missed,
And finally I need to stop adding to my list.

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