ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2002-10-02 02:41:53 (UTC)

Some days just flat out suck

barret completely ignored me all day. not that i care
much. yes i do. and i don't want to. but i can't help it.
why the hell does he do this to me??? i guess some
questions will go unanswered til the end of time. that
makes me sad. watch this end up that me and barret talk
after we graduate and he decides to tell me that he liked
me the entire time we were here. that would just suck.
that would suck so much. at least i know that leah doesn't
like him-like him. that's good news for me, i guess. i
don't want to think about it cuz then i'll be sad.

i went to marble slab with carrie, alfonzo, amelia,
marija, and elizabeth. it was great. i finally met my
craving for ice cream and now i'm gonna be sick for the
next few hours. being lactose intolerant sucks. oh well.
i'll live. i've been ok so far so i guess that's a good
sign. before we went i managed to answer the discussion
question for ap chem and print out all the stuff i need
for the next lesson. 4 labs. 4 fucking labs due before
next thursday. great. i can see myself getting less and
less sleep as the semester rolls along. sometimes i don't
know how i can keep going in this course. itz so damn
hard. i guess i must have that subconscious motivation or

this day has been pretty sucky. but i'm not going to think
about it cuz then i'll be sad. i bet abby thinks that i'm
bummed about barret. oh hell no. if he doesn't want me
that's fine. i could easily refrain from liking another
guy as long as i live. i have enough self control.

at least tomorrow i get to go to burger king and not do a
thing of precal. fun fun. hopefully there won't be much
drama here this week.