Nick's Journal
2002-10-02 02:28:37 (UTC)

Finance Courses

now i'll be the first guy to admit that the business major
is the haven for many a stupid people. ME NOT BEING ONE OF
THEM!!!!!! :-). anyhow. a lot of people are in my major
because they dont' know what the fuck they're doing
anywhere else. why are there so many dumbasses that make
it through business this long? very simply because our
weed-out courses come in the 3rd year.
in engineering you have courses that tongue your anus and
squeeze your balls, and most people fly out of that major
within the first year. however in business most people
are able to coast by on being a dumbass.
until they hit 3rd year.
now i'm in finance so i'm not sure what other business
parts are like, but i've noticed some "worrying" in my
department. specifically when my teacher announced that
we would actually have to LEARN the formulas instead of
getting a sheet for them.
needless to say the sound of shit hitting the ground
lasted for 5 mins. apparently these in-breds don't like
actually learning something for the sake of being good at
it. oh well. now i don't want to sound misogynistic but
jesus fucking christ the girls are dumb in my major.
what i think is simply that the guys are flying fucking
morons as well only they're too intimidated to ask dumbass
questions. not girls though. oh no. they pick up their
vaginas and start shouting out questions, that make you
think that they think with their tits.
as mark twain once said,
"it's best to stay silent and be perceived as dumb, than
open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
the girls choose the latter. one of my teachers was
soooooo close to telling a girl how stupid she was. what
makes me mad is that the people that ask these questions
are the ones that don't come to class. they're the ones
that shut their book within 5 mins and walk out. then
they ask questions already answered. fucking morons.
anyways, today during our finance test, i heard sobbing,
because apparently people aren't used to challenging
tests. hopefully these people will be weeded out soon

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