Nick's Journal
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2002-10-02 02:22:07 (UTC)

Wu-Tang and what Sucks

See I'm white. I'm very white. I think white. I dress
white. I drive white. I go shopping white. I have sex
white. white, white, white, white, white. that's me
alright. Now. I also like wu-tang. why do i like wu-
tang? because they don't suck.
they are just so fucking awesome, i love the 36 chambers
cd. i mean when i listen to that ALL of my non-existent
worries go away. i mean there are some things that suck.
for example, very sweaty females. or feminists. or
smelly hippies that say they're going to end third-world
starvation but just eat beans and fart. it seems like a
lot of people have problems with things but don't do
anythign about them.
wu-tang does. they "represent" in their records and
they "keep it raw" although one might expect "such tight-
ass niggas" to have a tough time "keepin' it real".
that's another thing. i know it's horribly horrific if
white people use the "N" word (nigga). i know that there
was slavery and that there is further political and social
injustices. but. i think the stigma attached to saying
the word is absolutely dogmatically insane. in "how high"
method man slaps some white guy that says it. what the
hell is wrong with this picture? hhhhhhhmmmmmm.
oh that's right.
alas. anyhow. i really do like wu-tang, not only because
they rap about "ill shit" but because they actually flow
in their songs. especially 7th chamber and the first and
second songs. i mean, at a risk of sounding stupid they
have "shit as tight as a 3 yr. olds anus". i can't help
bobbing my white head (with the hair) to the music. i
know i look extremely stupid and that i have no rythm but
still.......they really rock.
plus wu-tang tells me how to deal with everyday
discrepancies. for example, my finance teacher
says, "Nick you failed the test" and i say,
"Don't you know I be that insane nigga from the psycho
ward? I got my trigger plus I got my wu tang sword, so
how you figure, you can even fuck with this?"
yeah, i am one hip white guy.

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