Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2002-10-02 02:18:40 (UTC)


I dont think i'll ever be fucking happy again, i cant take
living anymore in my house. i need to run away, i really
do, i wish i could, jus for a few days, i'd come back,
really i would, but i need to get away. I jus really cant
take it. all i can do now is fight with my parents, theres
no reason not too, all they ever do is yell at me and get
mad at me and be mean to me. they piss me off so much so
all i can do is yell. any nothing helps, i cant cut myself
anymore becuase i swore i wouldent, i ont kno wat to do.
i'm going crazy like this i'm going to die in this house.
thats it, my heart willl just stop and i'll die!!! i wish
someone would just shoot me any put me out of my misery,
i'm seriouse, cant i jus get run over or something and die,
i dont even care anymore if my friend were sad. do u think
they would come to my funeral, i mean i guess eventually it
would happen, maybe they were prepared for it.