Inside Me
2002-10-02 02:01:07 (UTC)

An early morning relms for tomorrow

Well, I was hoping to sleep in again, but it looks like
I"ll be getting up early and doing my streches, and then
getting ready, and doing my sisters hair, riding with them
to school, and I get to go to a white building for a chat,
about what? I have an idea, not sure why, and am actually
not nervous or anything, maybe I've grown amune in a sense,
nah, who knows. Then its off to work after that. Wow! I
went shopping tonight, my mom got my sister something, so I
bought a basic black short sleeves sweater type thing, with
a wrap around head band. I'll probably wear it to my church
tomorrow night, well this has been a lot of jabber, oh and
we have comcast connection now, its so fast!! Next is our
forget what thats called, but also a C burner, woo hoo, now
I can make a couple things. Goodnight all.