Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
2002-10-02 01:10:39 (UTC)


DO YOU EVER get that FEELING lie everything you do IS
WORNG? WEll here lately i have had that feeling. it feels
like everything i did this past 3 days has just pissed my
girfreind off. but of course i don't really know becaue
girs have that problem were they won't tell you. on sunday
i spent the day with lindsey went to church twice that day
but she ended up getting really pissed at me for comment i
maid about our freind joesph. she thought i was implying
what i said to him to her. i don't know if that maks since.
then last night her and summer came up to my town and hung
out it was great becuase ilove being areound her. we all
left my house at 1015 cause i had to meetsome of my frieds
for bowling. well Her and summr decidied to stop by th
bowling alley and hang out which was cool. so tey get there
and like a few mins pass and one of my best freinds Will
brings me a drink which i knew what was to follow that.
LIndsey dispises drinking she has areally good reason to. i
did't ask for the drink and i wasn'tgoingto drink iit in
front of her. but she and summer proceeded to leave. well i
knew she was proably not happy with me. even though she
said that she wasn't mad. ut that didn't keep me from
thinking that all night. she told me she was bitter to day
about somthing but she didn't say what i think i know. she
said i kept he up all night. I as well culdn't sleep becuse
i kept worrying that she was mad at me. so i go a grand
total of 1 and a half hours of sleep. which sucked ass
because i then had to go to class and then work. I feel
like i am just a burden to he i think she is always having
bd days because of me and it makes me feel like utter ass.
and that is not good. but with i am areound her i am the
happiest person. i just don't understand can i get some
input on this PLEASE! I don't know is she i happy being
with me. i just hope she is because i am with her and i
really care about her alot. So today jsut been an all
around shitty day because i had t getup at 630 am. then
work was jsut a pain in the ass. i hadto fix abunch of
sutpid shit becaue every body else aea bunch of stupid
fuckers. [email protected]!! i mean shit i make less money than
anyone there and i can fix a fucking 60,000 dollar piece of
equipment. is that a bunh of shit or what. ANd TRE that
muther fuker thinking we are all stupid man i ought to just
nock him the fuck out. I have had to fix more of his shit
in the last month. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! so life today
has been horrible. oh did i mention that lindsey hardly
even spoke to me!!! yeah that makes me feel real great. I
just want her to straight up tell me when somthing is
bothering or if she says somthing or whispers somthing. she
thinks i will get mad but I hate being Ignorant (not
KNOWINGwhatthe fuck is going on) in other words. SO back to
work. ok so i get to work 1hr 30min early so i could get
somthing done well i open up the theater and proceed to
open concession. well i get all that done then TRE shows up
and was like blah blah fucking blah i as you know i hae
some things i need to do. so do you want to work prjection?
i reply Yes TRE i will work projection becaus ei need to do
somthings anyway. wel guess what the only fucking employee
that works during the week didn't show up.well there fucked
my plans now didn't it. well i go and try to find somone to
work. lucky MY goo buddy kevin helped me out. well he
doesn't get there till after one so i hat to fucking run
back and forth back forth. to concession to box. so in this
process im like asking people in coession what ticket they
want and people in box ould you like to try the combo. then
yo get those people umm i don't know. i thinking hurry the
fuck up ass hole i got to go sell tickets. or popcorn. so
kevin shows up alright all is good i can g work in
projectoin now. well i go up stairs and start fixing shit.
i work on 15 projectors for 3 hrs straight. havent ate all
day. OH what a FUCKING GREAT DAY!!!!! fuck that shit. well
at east writing in this thing is hepful. alittle . LIndsey
If you read this. SMILE. I CARE A WHOLE LOT ABOUT YOU!!!