Celyvaith's Journal (Neopets)
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2001-07-30 02:08:51 (UTC)

My First Entry!

29th day of Swimming, Y3 (July 29th)

Today was filled with excitement, Journal! It is hard to
know where to begin. During the past thirteen days since I
hatched, Jenny Avonelle has been teaching me how to read
and write properly. I've learned fast, she says. She is
happy, I can tell. Anyways, it was today that she gave me
this journal, so that I could record my thoughts and
feelings, my hopes and my dreams. And later, I can read
these entries and recount my past.

I got the Bloaty Belly today. It was not fun. I was bloaty,
and achy, and even the thought of food made me feel
nauseus. Jenny was really worried, and she quickly looked
around in hopes of finding some Flat-U-Less tablets, which
the Hospital said would cure my illness. But, to her
despair, there wasn't any to be found. Scared and worried,
Jenny took me to the Healing Springs, in FaerieLand. The
Water Faerie took a look at me, her eyes filled with
sympathy. She closed her eyes, speaking only a few soft
words. But I could feel the power in her voice, which swept
through me. At once, I began to feel better. Jenny was
grateful to the Water Faerie, and I could see the tears
shimmering in her eyes as she thanked the faerie profusely.

Later on, I convinced Jenny to play some games with me. We
played Dicearoo, because yesterday, I gained two levels by
playing it! Now I am at level five! Then we played Scorchy
Slots, because once we won two full sets of faeries! We
didn't win anything really big, this time, though. ^_^

Jenny then took me to Maraqua, where we played a quest for
the Kitchen chef. It was really easy to complete, and in
return, he increased my agility! Now my agility is cheetah!
It was great fun!

Now, Jenny wants to work on my pet homepage. I think I am
going to go help her out!

Peace. Out.


P.S. Jenny's birthday is in four days. She will be fifteen
years old... What should I get her?

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