2002-10-02 00:22:16 (UTC)

Happy :)

Well today I got to school early for the second time in a
row. Crazy. Things went smooth through out the course of
the day except that I am getting sick again... damn my
tonsils. NO I am still not gonna go to the doctor yet. Well
I got to see my baby today of course. Its so weird how
before I couldn't really be with a guy for longer than a
week was then looking for a way to dump them. I love my
baby. I don't know how I would be right now if I didn't
have him here to make everything better. Well my dad had
court he wasnt home when I got their so that must mean he
didnt get out. Iunno whats going to happen. My counselor
told me this morning that the social worker called
yesterday. I wonder what she wanted. Well it's been an hour
and 30 minutes since I've seen or talked to the love of my
life. I miss him so imma go ahead and let yah go so that I
can call him. Ill update lata.