Kat Eyes
2002-10-02 00:20:18 (UTC)

september 19, 2002

omg i'm hella tired. and i dont even know why. maybe its
because i go to bed at like 11 after i've been on the
compter for like 2 hours. school was SO boring this week! i
finished a 400 page book in school....within this 5 day
period. come on now....that shows somethings wrong w/ my
classes. i've also found time to write in my journal during
english and algebra. my english and spanish classes are the
worst! so boring. i could snooze through the whole class if
i could. magir offered me a job like last week. so i went
and got my work permit and everything. she called and asked
me to help her w/ this parking lot sale tomorrow and
saturday. hopefully i can get some money. i wanna get my
class ring! since its rush week at mhs and all, jostens was
there showing off rings. i found one that i love! its
really pretty...and for jostens its cheap. its only $109.
well i g2g, i have to get some sleep and what not.