Kat Eyes
2002-10-02 00:19:35 (UTC)

ocotber 1, 2002

gaddamn pink eye! i was diagnosed yesterday. it wasn't
there in the morning i swear! but i guess it showed itself
during the day, because alot of people were like "kat,
what's wrong with your eye?" so finally during math i was
just like screw it...someone tell me what this is. and the
nurse was like "oh...it's either an allergic reaction or
pink eye" so dad and i went to the doctor and she took one
look at me and was like "its pink eye". i was pissed,
because i had to miss school. not that i enjoy school, but
i'll have a lot of work to make up, especially in biology,
where mr. stewart shows no mercy to absent people. so i
stayed home today. it was planned perfect because grandma
had a nail appoinment and i could sneak some online time. i
didn't take as much as i could have though. i was only on
like an hour. i could have been on for two. i talked to
jesse and nick. nick is home sick as a dog, with a
temperature of 102.6 (or 103...his grandma is telling us 2
different temperatures) but either way, he's sick. so i
talked to him for a little bit. and i talked to jesse. i'm
afraid that i'm going to start liking jesse. i mean,
jesse's cool and stuff-its not a bad thing. but iknow in my
heart i love nick and i don't want to do something to nick
that i would regret forever. i think the reason i could
fall for jesse is because he's the only person from florida
i can call collect and talk to for awhile and i just vent
on him and we talk. we talked all the time in florida, but
now i can't talk to nick. so i kind of forget about him,
and i don't want to do that. i'm hoping i can get over
this jesse thing thats starting. i just enjoy talking to
him, because hes there for me 24/7. ok...change of subject
work went ok. i got paid 50 bucks for 8 hours, which i'm
not complaining about. i barely saw my paycheck though. i
had to get stuff for brandi and i forget what else i
bought. i have about 15 bucks left.oh, and i replaced my
roxy flip-flops, but that was only 15 bucks. now i see
where my paycheck went. oh, and i'm going with bryan
(hillberg) to homecoming. is that a bad thing though?i
mean, i don't like him. i like nick. but i just want a body
to be at my side for homecoming. i don't really care who,
just someone. and hey, if it can be a nice guy, why not?
bryan is not interested in me at all. how do i know? before
i movd i liked bryan and i could read him like a bok in big
bold print. he does not like me at all. if he did, i would
still be recovering from the shock. so its not like i'm
cheating on nick. i think bryan is using me for the same
reason i'm using him. but hey, if i have to be used, it
might as well be by a funny, semi-cute guy. grandma and i
went out to hazel's to recover my homecoming dress that i
haven't worn yet. we need to take it to the cleaners, to be
pressed. and we went to the mall sunday so that i could get
jewelry to go with my dress. oh, i forgot to mention that
bryan got nominated for homecoming court. key word:
nominated. like its not a sure thing yet. but he's popular
enough to make it. kind of hope he doesn't know, for a
selfish reason. (obviously) we find out who made court
tomorrow at lunch, which is why i'm glad i'm going back to
school tomorrow.i tried on my jewelry and dress and
everything, and i look good. bryan'll be missing out if he
doesn't take me, because let me tell you i clean up nice
and i will be a nice piece of arm candy. dad's been telling
me i've been getting fat lately. and i think he's joking,
but thats not the way i'm taking it. because for the past 3
months i think i've been "widening". grandma told me that
it's normal, that thats what you do when you matuer or
whatever. and shes right-thats what i'm doing. but i miss
being as skinny as a rail. i was watching "making of the
video" w/ christina aguilera last night, and in her video
shes wearing like...nothing. i mean you can see just about
everything! and i was watching it and thinking: "i look
alot like her" i mean, not like facial features. but we
have the same oy type. her hips are kinda wide, like mine.
her boobs are biger than mine, but thats not a big deal.
she has leg fat on her calves like i do. (its really
noticable b/c it jiggles when she dances) nd shes tan, like
me. and if i really do have the same body as she does, than
i'm on good shape. grandma just gave me the heads up: 5
more minutes typing. her and grandpa are so damn picky
about the computer! its unheard of. but...its better than
nothing. well, work is going ok. i started last week. and i
work every saturday. theres 1 day in october when i go in
on friday but i think that might be it. katherine and
elizabeth cudlip's sister bridgette is working with me. but
she works a different day than i do. shes pretty cool. no
complaints here. we have weddings every saturday for the
next 8 weeks. i won't complain about that either. with the
income, whose to complain? and i'm bored out of my skull
when i'm not at school. oh, tim estes (boss of the rose
float building in duarte) gave me a spot on duarte's float
as a navigator. so i can be in the rose parade! i must be
the youngest person to ever do this or something. is
awesome. well, i'm gonna sign on and post both my diary
entrees before grandpa gets home and i have to get offline.
more later, hopefully.