Dark Thoughts
2001-07-30 02:02:53 (UTC)

Dear God

Ugh, I've been sick all evening. And yes I've also been
asleep since 5pm, I just woke up 45min ago (9pm) Right now
I just ache all over and I have a tiny little head ache
right between my eyes. I'm dying that's it.. I should dig
my grave right now.
I'm bored also. Those will be my last words, 'I'm bored'.
I'm sitting here, freezing to death, talking to a friend on
I wish I had a dog. I need one real bad. I want a little
dog, or a big one like a doberman. If I had a doberman I'd
name him Chopperz.
Maybe thinking about dogs will make me feel better :( Oh
well, I'm out.

WEARING: jeans, yellow shirt
FEELING: blah! shoot me! please!