LMAO! my life
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2002-10-01 23:56:08 (UTC)


hmm well school was quite boring today, i dont go to lunch
ne more, liz is an ignorant bitch who has stopped talkin
to me for some reason and every time i talk to her she
gets annoyed and tells me im gay.. wutta hoe.. hmm neways
i havent started ne of mah homework, and ian, keeps on
fucking IMing me. wutta faggit. "i want to move on, but i
can't theres something stoppin me. i dunno, vicool, what
should i do, why am i still hooked on her?" GOD DAMN!
what else, i hab like 12839378492748937 pictures to take
for the YEARbook. hmm:
and fukkin what else, i hab no fukkin clue ne more, high
school is bullshit, i miss olr. i hardly know ne one here,
the ppl i know are ignorant, and have found new ppl, and
im there.. LMAO!!! thats mah life.. oh and i hafta start
on a fuckin leaf project, WTF i dun giv a shit about
LEAVES, there names or the SCIentific names, and im not
failin, but classes are soo hard, esp. hist, and Alg 2..
and to think, im posed to be in AcCEL classed, i should
be, maybe i would be more motivated.. hahaha, i dun do ne
of mah homework, its 7PM and i need to go to schoool early
tomm.. for some pic. passes.. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF this is so
complicated. OH and i wanted to join yrbook club.. but
WTF.. there is no sign up or ne thing, AND PICS ARE
TOMMOROW??? r they stupid.. i should really start mah
homework.. but im not goin to.. but im gonna go. bye

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