Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-10-01 23:32:35 (UTC)


The SwimFan, The Princess & The Goth...

Time to comtemplate...


Just so everyone understands... I am really not the sexist
pig i am about to appear
to be...

i make no bones or apologies for it...

just deal with it, and understand i don't really think like

i just need to sort it all it, and maybe come up with

IF you have a better way...

then tell me about it...

The SwimFan

In a Nutshell: The Good Girl
Relationship Status: Recently Single
Emotional Status: Unfortunetly, Unavailable
Mental Status: Amazingly Intelligent
Spiritual Status: Athiest if anything
Beauty Scale: six 1/2 out of ten
Lust Scale: seven out of ten
Love Scale: six out of ten
Romance Scale: Low

Mini Bio: The athletic chick. How to put into words. Damn,
she could wrap me around her fingers. This one is fucking
smart. I've rarely met anyone who has such potential to do
anything they want to if they put thier minds to it like
her. I know that if we went out it would be amazing.

What I think: This could be one of those really long
relationships, one that could last for years, maybe even
get married, have a kid, white picket fence, you name it.

The Reality Check: Because of the current group dynamic,
there is no way she would go out with me. That, and I think
I may be too dense for her at times. She's looking for
that "someone" that true love, which I think is possible,
but I don't fit that bill.

The Princess:

In a Nutshell: Mona Lisa on Fire
Relationship Status: `unknown`
Emotional Status: Fiery, like all redheads
Mental Status: Smart like Lightning
Spiritual Status: Sort of the pagan version of a hippie
Beauty Scale: six out of ten
Lust Scale: seven out of ten
Love Scale: nine out of ten
Romance Scale: very high

Mini Bio: I met her yesterday, and in that ten minutes, I
fell in deep like, because it wasn't lust. She's pretty and
a redhead, not that that means anything. I just had this
feeling, that she could be the one.

What I think: I think I should take all my breaks at work
when she does and get to know her. We both know some of the
same people and she's pagan, so it can't be that bad.

The Reality Check: As long as I am not a complete moron
this could go really well.

The Goth

In a Nutshell: A Goth in Sheeps Clothing
Relationship Status: Single for a year
Emotional Status: Gothlike, depressed and rather apathetic
Mental Status: Fairly intelligent
Spiritual Status: Nihilism at best, Satanism at worst
Beauty Scale: seven out of ten
Lust Scale: nine out of ten
Love Scale: five 1/2 out of ten
Romance Scale: moderate

Mini Bio: I've known her for three years, well, of her
really. And although I think she's just one of those goths,
that I lustfully think about all the time.

What I think: I think it could be another repeat of the
relationship I had a year ago. Which is not a bad thing,
hell I still love my ex, and I still want her, but, you
know. Who knows, maybe I could make it work this time.

The reality Check: Seems to show no real interest, I think
once you've phoned someone three times and they don't
return your call once, even just leaving a message, pretty
much spells out the obvious.


So, the two I know, unless I persued them with the vigor of
a starved and half crazed baboon, I don't think will ever

You don't ever choose whom you love, or whom you're
attracted to. It is, just fate, and not much else.

The princess, well, either I will get her number, and just
be myself or I won't, and either I will ask her out, or
like a chicken shit I won't.

The swimfan and goth... whew... both would be like would be
a dream come true..

Ah well... time will tell all...

The princess, well... She reminds me of Kristin, and she
reminds me of lenora and she reminds me of colleen.
Wonder what that means?