Nephanie's Life
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2002-10-01 23:09:56 (UTC)


To start off i forgot to do my vocab list for global...but
Rachele let me "look at" hers...I owe her big...Then i also
sort of kinda didn't do my three paragraphs for Bio...So
Olive gave me hers to "look at"...and i was trying to
finish typing it 7th and the bell i went up to
the lady and asked if she'd give me a pass when i was done
typing..and she said sure...dumb like 10 or 15
mintues into 8th (Bio) I am done and i get my pass and go
to class...Well in bio i guess i asked alot of good
questons and my teacher gave me an award...a
partisapation award...So i got to put that into my
portfolio...very exciting...yuppers...and then after school
i did my math and spanish then when i came home and did my
health which lovly cory helped me with and global...I got
all my work done!...Pretty happy about that....yah
thats...thats about it...PEACE OUT!

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