2002-10-01 22:35:19 (UTC)


So yesterday was nuts! I had to set up for homecoming
coronation all day and didn't get much done by means of
homework. We got everything set up, and let me tell you,
when everyone arrived with their parents, Jeff looked so
good. Even in that silly white suit, he looked great.
Jamie and Dan were our King and Queen, but it was still
pretty cool. At the actual ceremony I sat with Andrew and
we held hands as we left, but all was good. we have the
coolest shirts for senate! They're orange and say MWHS
senate on the front with our names on the arm. Then on the
back there is a construction sign that's yellow and
says "students at work". But anyway.
Last night Andrew came sailing with us. It was so nice
outside, and basically perfect. The light and temperature,
and slight breeze were wonderful. He kept complementing me
and I felt so good to be with him. It did eventually get
chilly, but afterwards he came over and we watched Cheers.
then he had to leave because I had homework to do still.
He awkwardly led into it, but he kissed me for the first
time. That was his first kiss, and it felt so awkward,
because he doesn't yet know that you aren't really supposed
to say anything after a kiss, especially a first one
between two people. But he's new, we'll see what kind of
kissing comes up next. Hopefully not a lot of tongue, it's
fun, but I'm not really any good at it. i don't know,
we'll see. But today I held hands with him and he looked
so cute with his messy hair and in his little pajamas!
Oh, me being the perfectionist I am, I finally got my
grade in History up to a C! From an F to a C! Yay! The
rest of my grades should be all A's, except for my pre-
calc, which is an A-. Now mom can't freak out about it,
I'm working on things, and it's only getting better.
Tomorrow is class competition day and we are wearing our
powderpuff sweatshirts, anyway adios for today!

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