My Life by Jen
2001-07-30 01:37:46 (UTC)

Hey there crazy people!

Hmm. I've not much to say. so I'll say all the things I'm
not thinking.

Shoes are only good if you have both of em.
On good days I'm a good person.

Windex is the greatest invention ever created, besides


"If I could be like that..."

Things I'm afraid of:
- university (people not liking me)
- university (classes being too hard)
- dying alone
- tennis balls
- caterpillars
- loss of control
- aeroplanes
- staplers

I like markers. Once, my plane blew an engine and we hadd to
make an emergency landing in Goose Bay and I grabbed all my
stuff and then when I finally got home I realized I took the
plane earphones with me and I can't use them because they
have two prongs.

I don't wear glasses. But once there was this time I wore
sunglasses. It was pretty cool.

I have a ring on my right hand on my ring finger. I bite my
nails. The other day I was alive. I'm alive today and will
be alive tomorrow.

Trees have feelings. So do animals. So don't kick them. Just
hug them.(Unless the animal is a grizzly bear. Then for sure
you'd wanna be hugging that tree. Hugging it right up to the
top. Can bears climb trees?)

Goodbye till for later.