Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
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2001-01-22 08:32:19 (UTC)

Hey! I ve got soooo much to..


I've got soooo much to say! Had a busy few days! I went out
on Friday to the xmas meal, it was groovy! One of the
girls, Leanne ended up what we thought was drunk. Thing is
she hadn't actually had that much to drink, but she kept
telling us she was a light weight so we believed her. We
found out the next day though that someone had spiked her
drink! It was horrible! How could anyone do that? Thinking
about it she was like collapsed on the floor and stuff..but
I can't believe it. What a horrible world we live in....
Anyway, I went on to the horn and trumpet after the meal,
and I pulled! I got his number but I won't fone him coz
he's not that nice, and I still love Chris!! But me and my
mates I went out with are hoping to go out again, we had a
good laugh!
I managed to get into work for 8 the next morning, duno how!
When I got outa work that night I was 10 minutes late and
my mum and dad flipped there lid! They were having a go
about anything and everything I've ever done wrong in my
life!!! That got me in a really bad mood, I can tell you!!
Sunday w3as quite cool. I went down my nans house for her
birthday. Chris rang, and he's DEFINETLY coming up on the
3rd of Jan! I can't wait!
Anyway, lessons start properly today, which is a bad thing,
so I better get to it!!
Luv u all!