i suck
2002-10-01 20:36:16 (UTC)

i hate every man that ever walked this earth.

i kissed you because you were crying and if i didnt then i
would have too. theni went and got high and fucked shit up
again. but thats why you love me. its the same reason you
hate me. i cant stand you and your new shoes. you look
better than ever. god do i hate you, and when were all
alone in my room staring at the ceiling i want to kiss you,
but i might just kill you instead.

if this is who you really are...then who am i?

when im alone i talk to myself and wish you would die more
than anything. my new boyfriends cooler than youll ever
want to be. and he does things for me youd never know how
to do. you cant tell your ass from your elbow. i saw this
coming while your eyes where closed

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