i suck
2002-10-01 20:31:30 (UTC)

wut a day wut a day

okay so usually i write in my home journal but rite now
ideas are shooting out my ears and i cant write fast
enough. everything EVERYTHING is a well as a
reflection, and you cant ignore the fact that there are two
alternate universes, SO...the *symbol* of life must be two
circles...put together...(like a ven diagram)...

everything is a reflection. (hence the reason history
repeats itself). and the reflection bounces from the
alternate universe and back again. each time it goes
through another transition from each universe the light
becomes less natural and more artifical. which is symbolic
of technology...and how our world becomes less and less
*real* everyday.

theres a whole world behind fabric softener sheets. each
one has a purpose in life...
a) to make clothes soft
b) to be used as something to make people not smell like
c) to be thrown away unused and make the garbage smell purty

you can compare this to the three types of people in our
society today. the "a's" are the normal common people, the
b's the rebels, and the c's are the people who have
unfinished business and die for no reason. the garbage is
sort of symbolic of heaven because thats where all the
fabric softened sheets go when they die.

another point: the different brands are the different

it all goes into a cycle and then new dryer sheets are
born, used, and thrown away...

everything is a cycle!!!

everybody should smoke weed...its the way god intended it
to shrooms too...theyre natural and god WANTS us to
use many people abuse drugs but theyre so great
when you use them the right way...

pot makes you analyze thing and god wants you to analyze

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