April Wynn

April Wynn
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2002-10-01 20:05:28 (UTC)

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Ok... Today has been pretty lame so far. I skipped my math
class and in french i had to do aerobics! My teacher almost
always picks me first! I hate that. Anyway, I found out Mme
Jensen is related to Danielle, and she's been talking about
it all day. I guess Danielle is supposed to be visiting
Prince George with her new baby pretty soon, so I should
call her. She probably wont end up comin here... but i
should call her anyway, I know she'd call me if she knew my
number. I don't know why we are so distant from
eachother...though I am 8 hrs. away. But even in Regina we
corresponded more often than we do now. Anyway, so heard
she was comin. Back to school... I have a spare right now,
woohoo. I'm sitting on my ass at the computer because I
wanted to talk to Micheal... I know instead I could be out
there finding a job and getting my ass to work. But ITS
LUNCH!!! haha. Micheal is a really cool person to talk to.
He's good with words... typing them anyway. I know there is
alot to learn about this guy, and thats why I have
discovered that I wanna do Biographies on people...hehn
hehn henh. I have to learn to ask the right questions to
get the answers I want. I'm workin on it...
April Wynn Oh yeah and Justin... Thank you :)