Wally's Wackin' Shack
2002-10-01 19:59:18 (UTC)

My Mental Block is coming back

During my Senior year of high school I had a TERRIBLE
mental block, that would just not allow me to focus on
work. It may be all the distractions that are facing me
here in New Orleans, but I really don't know. I attempted
to write an essay this past Sunday, the essay was due
Yesterday. I could not finish the first paragraph; which
has led me to the decision that I must Drop my english
class in order to salvage my grades. I had voice lessons
with my choir professor today, that went REALLY well. I
learned three German pieces that have been troubling me.
In choir rehearsal I also performed EXCEPTIONALLY well, as
so stated my professor. :D I'm GREAT!:D.......YAY! On a
better note. MY EYES ARE GETTING BETTER!!!!!!! My Right
eye is back to normal......and my Left eye looks like it'll
be back to it's natural beauty in a matter of Days....I'm
saying Thursday....Everything should be peachy keen. I have
been avoiding my fraternity. I just can't come right out
to say that I have to depledge. So, what I'm thinking of
doing is just mustering up the courage to tell the next
frat brother that calls me(How pitiful does that sound).
It is for the best. My friend Jaime (She's my fag hag) she
just joined the school newspaper, and is going to write a
cover story on me :D! On how I joined a fraternity and was
struggling with hiding who I was to be part of an
organization that would of had trouble accepting who I
really was. I've been meaning to join the Gay Straight
Alliance here at my school. Jamie is coming as my straight
friend. I hope I make it to this meeting, I've been trying
to go for the past 2 weeks........hmmmmmmm......I've
decided to stop skipping classes cuz that's not good for my
grades. I need to keep working and get into a good
graduate school. I guess that's all that's going on so
far...I'm doing fine for all of you that are worring about
me. I had a few bumps, but I can deal with them. Thanx to
all of you that left me all those nice and caring
messages. *love ya bunches*