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2002-10-01 19:45:32 (UTC)

Travel Reading

When one travels, it is required that some sort of
literary trash is necessary for the trip. My favorites are
trashy romance novels. I bought one for my trip to and
from DC. I just finished it a few moments ago.

Now, I keep reading them when I travel. It's just what I
do. HOWEVER, it makes me sad. Everyone is perfect in them.
Nobody is ugly, fat, or has any problems whatsoever
(except lonliness). The sex is mindblowing every time, the
person you love always loves you back, and nothing can go
wrong. Yes, there are bumps in the road (ex-lovers,
murderers, children, distance, etc.) but it always works
out. No matter what.

Of course, this is why I read them. But still, the
realistic side of me is upset that I read them because
it's not something that will happen for me. And that is
frustrating and sad. Does all this make me a hypocrite? Of
course. But show me someone who isn't, and I'll show you a