2001-07-30 00:57:15 (UTC)

here i am again on the same day!!!

ok im gettin use to this website, and i see some entries
that people wrote, and i think that it's so sad that people
think that no one is listening to them, and that no one
cares about them. Me personally, I think this website is
good, because you can release your opinions that you can't
to society or even to your own best friend. People tend to
judge you by your opinions, and this website people can
express anything they want to! FREEDOM of SPEECh is not
always practiced, but I think on this website you can let
out your true feelings..and me personally...i think i can
let go of some of my uncovered emotions, because it's
anonymous! that's a good part of this website.

bye bye

PS: you'll be hearing from me a lot! and i have some heavy

to be continued