Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-10-01 17:27:40 (UTC)

can't go far today

I have no car...
It broke the other day and yet again I have no money to fix
it. I need to either get a real job, work more, win the
lottery, or become a real rockstar. Hopefully the latter
will happen soon. Other than that...things are good I
guess. Been sick and trying to get over it. But I am much
better now. I went a week without a shower or shaving. Now
I have a beard and the shower I took today was quite
refreshing. I need to buy some razor blades so i can
shave...I hate facial hair and most good looking girls do
too. Our show friday went well. I thought we played
good...we just need more people to come see us. But the
place loved us and we are going to start playing their once
a month headlining. And I am getting more used to singing
without a guitar. It's a little weird at first but it's ok
now. Oh, and props out to Kelly, Katelyn, and
Jessica...Saturday was a blast! I loved STP, TGIF, TOT and
just being with you girls. Friends rule! Ok I am out. I
sound like a complete jackass.