My Life
2001-07-30 00:17:48 (UTC)

Piss Offed Today

Hey this is my first day writing in this. Hope this gos
well!! I just got so pissed off today and a lot of other
times these last weeks. Mainly @ "polaks". Dont take this
offensively if ur polish b/c im polish 2. Well ne ways, my
friends from poland r stayin over @ our house. They think
they no everything just like every other young polish girl
I no. They wonder off god no's where and they have the
WORST attitudes. One of them "PYSIA", seems so innocent and
sweet but lemmie tell u she's a BITC*!! I was looking @
jean skirts 4 us @ Old Navy and my sis was like, look @
this cute shirt. So I looked & said ewww it's fury so then
i look away. I walked away 2 another rack and found a skirt
not knowing it was the same 1 and said "This is sooo cute".
Pysia walks by me and says "I thought u said it was ugly
there" then she mimicks me by goin ewwww, (ina way that i
didn't even say ewwww @ the shirt but some way polaks do it
b/c polaks say it weird like ewwwwaaaaahhhh) I'm like i
didn't say that about this skirt. She says, "Yes u did, u
said it lie that @ the skirt." She starts to mimick me so
loudly that's these hott guyz that worked there turned
around and walked by us and said, "U ppl r weird, y r u
screamin ewwwaaahhh?" and they made weid faces @ us. I was
so pissed that i screamed out @ her to stop screamin that
out loud and makin fun of me when i didn't even screamin
like that b/c i dont scream like a dumb polak that u r
bitc* (of course the bitc* under my breath). So I storm
outta the store and wait in the car 4 them. To most of u
this may sound stupid but this was all of my anger welled
up inside of me speakin 2 her from a lot of weeks, actually
from all of the weeks that she was here. So i am really
pissed off right now. Peace 2 ya ppl hope u have no bitc*es
that u have 2 deal w/ like her. :|