No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-07-30 00:08:02 (UTC)


today of course wwe had church in the morning...which
was absolutly great. Clarks teaching hit me was
talking about not being infatuated with people(bf/gf)...(i
have been once) becasue then they become idols. I was like
wow! It was weird and i guess it really helped.
afterwards me and my mom went to a flea market and i
got an anklet and a kick butt bracelet. its navy with
little holes outlined in silver. the scary mexicans (i love
mexicans in mexico...they are soo wonderful!) were looking
at me mom told me and i was like ahhh!!!!
then we went to the Lakeland Mall. I got a black quater
lenght shirt, a black over shirt thing that ties and goes
to my knees, a plad skirt and cross necklace. it was funny
fun fun in a weird way i guess.
next saturday i am going school shopping. it'll be so
much fun! not really but you get the point!

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