xXx Life As Becoming a Lesbian xXx
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2002-10-01 15:36:11 (UTC)

LRS Fest

Sunday I went to the LRS Fest that was down on the
riverfront in Kentucky. I only got to see Trust Company
and SR-71 play but it was fun. I got so sun burned on
my face that I have blisters. When SR-71 was playing
the singer had this girl come on stage completely
naked and asked someone else to come on stage to
perform some lesbian action. I told LaCi about it and
she said she wished she would have gone. That kind
of makes me mad because she broke up with me for a
guy and said she wasnt gay. Grrrrrrrrr.....
But now I am going out with my bestfriend. We started
going out on Sunday Night. His name is BJ. He's so
sweet... lol... and very funny. I call him my little Bam

Courtney Nicole

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