my so called life
2002-10-01 14:44:30 (UTC)


There's about three reasons why I haven't been updating
this thing very often lately;

* My computer doesn't work, so I have to update while I'm at
school. It's almost impossible to get any privacy. When I
was writing the "10 things I love about you"-entry, i
suddenly realized that Troy was standing right behind me.

* I live on my own for the first time and I've just started
university. Obviously, I have almost no sparetime.

* I've been kind of sick of this diary. I didn't think
anyone read it and I didn't feel like writing about the
stuff that's been going on.

Ok.. I'll hopefully get my computer fixed any day now.. I
don't know exactly what's wrong with it, but it seems my
harddisk is fucked up. I don't have a clue how that happened.
Maybe Tom sent me a virus. He's been nagging me about me
sending him viruses, but I got one from him that deleted my
whole e.mail inbox. Luckily, I had a backup of it. If not,
I would have killed him.
If my brother gets his lazy ass out of his bed ;) and sends
me a new harddisk, I'll perhaps update this thing once in a
while :)

Ok.. University..
University is fantastic. I can't believe all these
possibilities. I can do whatever I want to do, I can be
whomever I want to be. It's a whole new world, and I love
it. Of course, I miss my hometown, my family and friends
and especially Ben. More about that later.
But university is really, really great. Naturally it's not
all fun and no work, but I'm hanging in there. I spend many
hours at the computer room working on my website. Yeah, I'm
making my own website! We have this subject called
information technology where we learn how to use html, JSP
and mySQL. The html-part is really fun, JSP is kind of
difficult (but it feels so good when you finally understand
it!) and we haven't learned about mySQL yet. So I've got my
own website, but it's no point in giving you the url, cause
it's all in Norwegian :) Besides, it's mostly compulsory
assignments for school, so it's not that interesting.

Well, the first two-three weeks were just one big party.
Now things have calmed down, but we go out once in a while.
September the 12th our fraternity had this admission
examination where we had to do all sorts of weird things.
We were 120 people in this small sauna (HOT HOT HOT), the
older students threw beer at us and called us names (very
mature), we had to eat three raw fishes with bones and all,
(ew ew ew!!), we had to drink three malt beers as fast as
possible (once again, ew ew ew), we had to run twenty
rounds round a stick we had to run without our shoes (it
actually hurt ), we had to eat some weird mix of
dogfood,spaghetti,beer and cream (EW) and we had to swim
through a bog! SHEESE!
It was kind of terrible, but it was a lot of fun
The week after we had a prom, where everybody dressed up
real nice and stuff :)
That was Thursday, and Friday I went home.. HOME, home, my
hometown, home,sweet home ;)
Guess why.. It was Ben's birthday and he was coming home as
well! It was just perfect. There's no other word to
describe it. Ok, the distance is killing me, but everything
is SO great when we're together!! We just spent two days
and nights in eachother's arms. We pretty much had physical-
contact the whole time. Oh my god, I love him so much.
Leaving him wasn't even so terrible, since I knew that I'd
see him again in just 11 days.
That's right, he's coming this Friday. Today's Tuesday, so
that's like before long! And he's going to stay for 10
days! TEN DAYS AND TEN NIGHTS. Oy oy oy :)
I'm so happy :)
I'll write more later, I have to get home and get something
to eat. I have to ride my bike up all these hills.. *cries*
I'm so sporty! :P
Take care

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