Me and X
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2002-10-01 14:40:39 (UTC)

Every day I love him more and..

Every day I love him more and more.. but every day I get
more and more scared hes going to leave me. Last night he
tells me he doesnt think its working. hes apathetic
towards the whole situation. i try so hard but i guess im
too late. I want to see him this weekend but i feel so
fucking useless because I feel like he doesnt really want
to see me. I feel like hes just telling me to come down
because he thinks maybe id feel better if i did.

i dont know what to do
im so sad.. im so fucking sad. i just want him to be happy
and if i have to leave for that to happen i wish he would
just tell me instead of lead me to believe that he wants to
talk to me and see me this weekend...
what do i do xavier... i try so hard to show you i love
you. i feel like i am just failing.