2001-07-29 23:18:32 (UTC)

{sticks and stones may brake your bones but words cant hurt. } thats a lie :{

you know that saying that is such a lie i never in my life
have some one say that the saying was true i was in air
force jr.rotc i liked in the 1st half of the year untill i
moved and ang other people in my new rotc class got
jellious of me then they spread rummors all becouse all the
other cadets(students) liked me well that made me hate that
class then i wanted to drop out of that class and not go
into the air force but i love it so i cant decied if i want
to take my jr. year summer and go into basic tranning and
come back do my sir. year in high school then go to germany
to become a nurse or to skip it and just go to college
thats a big thing to think about