Daily Rants
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2002-10-01 12:43:14 (UTC)


Sleep is a very funny thing. Obviously, I'm not a cutting
edge researcher who can explain REM cycles and seratonin
levels to you, but I AM a college student. As a race, I
think we are perhaps the most interested in sleep of all
humans. Except for possibly the 2 year olds.
I'd really like to understand how I can feel completely
refreshed on about 4 and feel dead after having gotten 10.
Now if sleep was like food, I could understand. If you're
sleepy, you get exactly X amount of sleep every time and
then you're not tired anymore. How bizarre would it be for
us if sometimes all we had to eat for the day was an orange
and other times still be starving after packing away half a
On that note... I'm going back to bed.