Oh,The Insanity
2002-10-01 12:21:12 (UTC)

An Entry on Death

Last night, we received word that Bob's father had passed
away. In a way, I felt bad. I sat with mom and ate pie,
then told her we should not have eaten pie. I never met
Bob's dad, but I've heard great stories about him and told
this to mom. I guess Bob's mother will be moving up here
from Florida soon...so I'll get to meet her.
Thinking about parents dying reminded me of my
Grandmother's death and of my aunt's and uncles' and
everyone else in my life who has died. I know, after a
long suffering illness, death is a relief. That's how it
was with Grandma. She suffered through most of a year and
never complained, never asked why, never pleaded. I've been
selfish. I wanted happiness and didn't think of everyone
else. On Saturday night, I went up to Adam's Mother's and
he and I watched A Clockwork Orange. Him and Me time has
always been like this: the first hour or so(the "getting
used to the other person"hour) is always the worst, at some
point, I'd like to do away with that hour completely. The
second hour is something along the lines of "I'm glad ur
here, I'm glad I'm here...lets eat" so we got coffee and
chocolate and candy. Then as soon as we get over the first
2 hours, the rest of the time goes to "happy time." No
matter what we do, it's always happy. In this case we
watched part of A Clockwork Orange and just sitting on the
couch with him and watching a fucking movie was...fun. I
think it is not a mistake to fall in love...just make sure
you fall in love with your best friend, cuz then you can
always be sure that you can do silly shit and they won't
expect a goddammed thing from you.
Okay, this started out as a reminiscing kinda thing and now
I have to go get ready for class.
And to all my friends, please don't leave.
Peace, Love and Sadness-Proof Marshmallows,