Inside Me
2002-10-01 11:48:36 (UTC)

Tuesday comes

Well, I got to bed around 9:30 or 10:00 I think last night,
and slept in this morning a little bit. Yesterday helping
with supper I sliced my finger, well a little bit above my
knuckle on a can. Ones deeper than the other, and not to
mention still a little sore. I know I was dreaming last
night, but I can't remember what, grrrrr. I hope my boss
doesn't leave me at work again too long. Yesterday he did,
and oh my word, I had so many there at once, and I was
doing a bunch of things at once, how I learned that, by
wtching him maybe, but after it all, I had a headache,
sheeeeeza! It was a fun rush though in a way too. Well, I"m
going to eat my breakfast, oh and we are getting things
changed with our computer, so our net might be down in a
couple days, however I might get small chances at work to
check thing. Take care everyone!