the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-07-29 22:43:08 (UTC)

blah blah blah .. shut up freak !!!

Well this has been one odd weekend .. okay friday I went to
city .. saturday I went shopping and today I went to city
again ... God help me I will NEVER go shopping with my
mother again .. Okay so I am driving right .. and she is
trying to tell me what I Am doing wrong and when I do
something right she is all oh u are doing so good .. i am
all God Leave me alone .. or get outta my car!!!!!!! But ne
ways I walked away with 2 airs of jeans and a red lucky
shirt and a blue Guesss shirt .. I am going back next
weekend to get more but I had a limited money supply this
time .. and Darcy is all freakn pissing me off .. withher
holier than thow addititude .. get a clue the workld does
not revolve around u and trey !!!!! Okay so I am feeling
very spicy today .. Like I want to go dancing so bad ! and
we are talking bumping and grinding I wanna go to the
club!!!!!!! DAmn age thing ! so ne ways Jason is suppose to
be coming over today .. we will see how that works out .. I
dunno he was suppose to call me back but he has done that
yet ! I remember the danes back home .. it was pimp ! God
the good old days .. when like I could do whatever I wanted
with out having to give a full report of who I was with and
when I would be leaving and where I was going !
Humm so ne ways I am bored and I have to freakn clean out
my truck .. so I am thinking I am gonna do that .. but
maybe I can get outta it .. I mean what do u actually do
when u clean out a truck .. Like I just need to clean the
back out and stuff but I don't wanna wash it today .. grr !
* wonder what manda's doing ?*
HUmm so ne ways I am sorry I don't have much to say .. but
I promise much more later !