It's ok to be crazy
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2002-10-01 06:45:59 (UTC)

my secret

reguardless of how much i love and trust Frank there are
two things i haven't been able to share with him. one
secret being what my brother and sister did. but i do have
a good reason for this. he is part of my family now. i
don't want there to be any reason for him to dislike my
for the first time in my life everyone in my family are at
peace with eachother. there is no fighting i love them all
and i enjoy the time we have together. nothing that
happened in the past matters anymore.
so i don't want to tell Frank about the things that have
happened in the past. i don't want hime to hate my family.
and the second secret is that i tried to kill myself. i
don't know why i can't tell him that. i guess i just don't
want him to worry about me. yeah...i guess thats it.
i guess i just need to go to counseling. thats what frank
told me today. so i guess my mental problems are a little
more obvious than i thought they were